The Art of Lost

The first time I felt really physically lost was when I started driving in Trinidad. The roads are badly planned and a little pokey. The asphalt is piled higher than the sidewalks and dips into the drains. Streets are thrown wherever in a typical lazy, Caribbean aesthetic. Sweden we are not. It can be hard […]

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Pour Encourager les Autres

I had my first coup d’etat at around 4 years old. It was 1990 and a local terrorist organization clumsily tried to take over Trinidad & Tobago from one of our only upstanding leaders, ANR Robinson, who recently passed-away. Shots were fired, people died. Robinson had a gun staring him in the face and still motioned an attack […]

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I Have Nothing to Write About

I have nothing to write about, i feel wedged between two hollow walls, both lacking inspiration and direction. But i am a writer. It’s entrapment being such a thing and having nothing to say. I feel trapped by so much, mostly the intricacies of life and how once unbreakable binds can be untethered with the greatest of ease. Nothing is certain […]

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Very Superstitious

  While living in the first-world I found there was residual from my carib-centric roots that remained steadfast. Superstition. Trinidad is still raw and primitive in many ways, still a relatively young nation rife with unique traditions and a bento box culture. Within that culmination, imparted from our African ancestors sprinkled with French dialect, was […]

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Sun and Stars

What’s it like to meet one of your literary heroes? From my experience, it mimics all the symptoms of a minor heart attack or some sort of palpitation. I felt such tremors when I met Derek Walcott, Neil LaBute and oh, John Patrick Shanley. My heartfelt ablaze and tongue heavy as lead every time. I […]

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Nobody or a Nation

“Either I’m nobody or I’m a nation.” The illustrious Derek Walcott owns those words which are my favourite ever written, because they embody my own experience succinctly. I often look to the descriptive genius of Caribbean writers to explain the strangeness of being from the islands and not fitting the typical island image. The West […]

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Sweet Caroni

  I’m from the Caribbean, i hinted at that fact sporadically throughout my previous posts, but now it’s time to reveal one glorious aspect of an island childhood in a bit more detail. I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago to be precise. I come from one of the oldest French families on the island […]

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