Happy Birthday?

I had a birthday recently, days like that make you reflective as hell and I dove right into those thoughts. I’m getting older, shifting into those legacy making years where everyone is getting married and pregnant. It’s hard to be in limbo, as much as I love my independence. I pulled up old pictures of […]

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Walnuts & Hysteria

“I refuse to die next to a shelf full of organic walnuts,” I thought as I stood amongst other terrified souls hiding from what we assumed was a group of deadly terrorists storming Oxford Street in either a truck or armed with AK47s or long, jagged knives they nicked from their kitchens. This was not […]

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Woo, I haven’t written on this thing for awhile, I’m very rusty. Bear with me. Life is as unpredictable, terrible and sort of good as it always is, though I spend most of my days writing about conversational commerce and tech, which I really, really love. Who wudda thunk? Robots are going to destroy us […]

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Men For Sale

Having a cold and taking a sick day seems like the greatest happenstance ever, you get a day off to just lay in your own filth and do what you please. It also made me realise I really don’t want to get back into the dysfunction of real life – because my job has become my […]

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The Happiness Hypothesis

When I got home for Christmas last December, it was the complete opposite of what I expected my arrival to be like. I thought I’d be greeted by both my delicious chocolate labradors; I thought I’d be jobless, I thought I’d slip back into the routine I’d had before I left for an entire year […]

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The Art of Lost

The first time I felt really physically lost was when I started driving in Trinidad. The roads are badly planned and a little pokey. The asphalt is piled higher than the sidewalks and dips into the drains. Streets are thrown wherever in a typical lazy, Caribbean aesthetic. Sweden we are not. It can be hard […]

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I’ve always looked outside a window, my whole life has consisted of me reaching yonder whether it be at a tangible ledge, through literary vehicles or even American cable. Jean Rhys said, “It’s strange growing up in a very beautiful place and seeing that it is beautiful.”I’m sure if you ask anyone from an exotic […]

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Hope and Wardrobes

“Things never happen the same way twice, dear one.” Said Aslan. As the past year closes it’s gilded doors shut i feel a strange comfort and excitement in the sage wisdom of the great Lion. Though, more than a week into January, i alternate between terror and enthusiasm for the coming exploits eleven more months […]

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Humor Me

Melancholia is originally a subset of the humors, an ancient cache of human emotion, broken into four disgusting titles that bear repeating. I came across this term during research for one of my university papers years ago. I remember being transfixed by the text, feeling like I should keep that particular word close for some […]

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