Happy Birthday?

I had a birthday recently, days like that make you reflective as hell and I dove right into those thoughts. I’m getting older, shifting into those legacy making years where everyone is getting married and pregnant. It’s hard to be in limbo, as much as I love my independence. I pulled up old pictures of […]

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Caroni Criollo

A large envelope came one very damp day at the beginning of summer, what the first world would call “spring.” We just say rainy season in Trinidad – because it rains torrentially, and the hills are verdant and plentiful with waning neon poui trees in their final bloom. Pouis bloom three times during the dry […]

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Walnuts & Hysteria

“I refuse to die next to a shelf full of organic walnuts,” I thought as I stood amongst other terrified souls hiding from what we assumed was a group of deadly terrorists storming Oxford Street in either a truck or armed with AK47s or long, jagged knives they nicked from their kitchens. This was not […]

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Woo, I haven’t written on this thing for awhile, I’m very rusty. Bear with me. Life is as unpredictable, terrible and sort of good as it always is, though I spend most of my days writing about conversational commerce and tech, which I really, really love. Who wudda thunk? Robots are going to destroy us […]

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Men For Sale

Having a cold and taking a sick day seems like the greatest happenstance ever, you get a day off to just lay in your own filth and do what you please. It also made me realise I really don’t want to get back into the dysfunction of real life – because my job has become my […]

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The Happiness Hypothesis

When I got home for Christmas last December, it was the complete opposite of what I expected my arrival to be like. I thought I’d be greeted by both my delicious chocolate labradors; I thought I’d be jobless, I thought I’d slip back into the routine I’d had before I left for an entire year […]

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Frank, The Fury + All The Universe

“There is no shame in not knowing, the shame lies in not finding out.” ~ Assyrian Proverb My father, a noted physician, was entrenched in the upper echelon of London society and was invited to many functions, becoming chummy with the city’s gentry. He grew especially close to William Casey, the editor of The Times […]

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Practice Resurrection

I knew, I knew when she mentioned her dead husband and two disabled children, that I was out of a deal. This is a ruthless game, lacking any semblance of empathy or sacrifice. Frankly, I would hold the whole sad lot of them hostage if it resulted in taking me off the proverbial bench into […]

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The Art of Lost

The first time I felt really physically lost was when I started driving in Trinidad. The roads are badly planned and a little pokey. The asphalt is piled higher than the sidewalks and dips into the drains. Streets are thrown wherever in a typical lazy, Caribbean aesthetic. Sweden we are not. It can be hard […]

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