The Rambler

Rambling ~ to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion. Walt Whitman loved a good wander in his murky recesses, “Song of Myself” is by far one of my most favourite works of his mostly because of it’s transparent self-involved beauty and introspect. Through me many long dumb voices, Voices of the […]

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Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance – Confucius Confucius had a few great tips there didn’t he? I should never be given a sword or any sharp object, there’s a reason why I’m terrified of knives; I simply don’t trust my general coordination. I injure myself a lot, sometimes I break […]

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The Life Carnival

Diplo wrote an article recently for Vanity Fair about partying in Trinidad & Tobago during our annual carnival celebrations. Yay! My personal favourite excerpt was where he labelled our nation’s son, Machel Montano as the “Justin Bieber” of T&T. Well, technically they both enjoy inflicting physical pain on others, so yes that will suffice Mr […]

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I’ve always looked outside a window, my whole life has consisted of me reaching yonder whether it be at a tangible ledge, through literary vehicles or even American cable. Jean Rhys said, “It’s strange growing up in a very beautiful place and seeing that it is beautiful.”I’m sure if you ask anyone from an exotic […]

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