You Drag Me Up

We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag; RuPaul Charles ladies, gents and everyone in-between.

In my opinion, Drag Queens should run the world, they have an understanding of a frivolity and freedom that speaks fluently to humanity’s ever-changing personas and symbolic expressions. Think about it. The Pope? Biggest drag queen wannabe ever.

Personally, I’m in a colorful phase where my only viable stress relief is well, drag queens. I know, some people exercise but they are boring. I want to kick myself knowing i’d been in so many cosmopolitan cities where the ultimate in the art form reside and I never sought them out. I kick myself a lot these days. As I grow older and debatably wiser, the world becomes infinitesimal and life seems exponentially more complex. All past experiences I waded through with my youthful intent and naiveté, now seem wasted on such a pup. I knew nothing. There is a reason we say youth is wasted on the young, because it is. Really, i’m still young and ripe in my late twenties but I will say, the starry-eyed brunette beginning the decade is far from the edgier blonde closing it out. My drag it seems, is still finding its niche. But enough of that dribble, back to the queens.

My first legit drag queen was in Toronto on Church Street, I mentioned this before in a previous post. She stopped me dead in my tracks, I was utterly fascinated by this exotic bird of a being and continue to be to this day. Later on, I attended NYC Pride and remember skipping down Christopher Street to meet my friends at a cafe, then abruptly screeching to a halt when I spied her walking down the block; a perfect amazon in a sun hat and thong. I’ve met many famous folk and never have I cared, but give me a Drag Queen and it’s pathetic. What is this sorcery?

In my present, suffering-artist limbo-state my drink of choice is Netflix, i’m working up the courage to go the Heming-way for divine inspiration but my tolerance for the hard stuff sucks. For now, Netflix gives me a remove from reality in the form of RuPaul’s Drag Race and from that I have discovered a whole new way of looking at life. Maybe the penchant for feathers and copious glitter comes from my Trinidadian roots, where our annual Carnival is an explosion of such things and on those two days, we’re all Drag Queens. We don the drag of our past to show a reverence for the future. It’s an expression that allows us to shake the constraints of life. We all worship the same god in the revelrous debauchery and it bears no title; it’s bigger than everything, it’s wicked, free and within everyone. That same feeling fills me when I watch these amazing people on one tiny, television show. They eat up my screen, with their personalities, puns, struggles and immense creativity. They show women how to embrace our feminine wiles no holds barred, and in turn school men on tapping into their brawn and beauty with finesse. I have favorites that I follow like the Premier League, if they had action figures i’d probably have all. I want a t-shirt and cup for every catch phrase dropped, and there are many. Look up; Latrice Royale, Willam, Sharon Needles, Alaska, Detox, Alyssa Edwards too name a few…You will laugh your panties off.

It’s a delicious microcosm within a community I hold very dear and i’m obsessed. In short, they give the world a shot of kaleidoscope colour and i’m really happy I found this outlet for my grumpiness.

They drag me up from it all. Hunty.

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