The Learning Curves

Yup that’s me in the picture, checking out the goods.

My name is D and i am…a model. Well, I’m supposed to be if i wasn’t crusoe’d on this island. I was scouted in New York shortly before I left, so in the frenzy of me losing my marbles then retrieving them, i just didn’t have the time to develop myself as a workable product. Timing is everything. Did i mention i’m a plus model? I’ve always been tall, voluptuous and hated every inch, mostly because i grew up on an island where body image is grossly pigeon-holed. The goal is a much harder body than mine due to our annual ritual of Carnival where clothing is pretty optional so; looking good half-naked is essential two days out of the year. I think any beach culture has those expectations, there’s just more body to see. I have always struggled with my self-image due to said culture, I’m not a beach bunny! Never have been. I wish I’d learned to love my body in my adolescence because i had every reason to. Now, my curves are an asset and could possibly pay my rent, isn’t it funny how everything in life has a point? Though mine was more of a learning curve, (pardon the pun, couldn’t resist).

First lesson? Modeling is hard, never thought I’d say that. It’s more than making faces, its all about attitude and creativity, to be a good model you have to create an interesting image, something anyone can connect with. My first test shoot after signing was amazing and everything you’d expect from a photo-shoot in NYC. Picture this; a loft in a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood, two painfully hip stylists (also a couple) and a cute, Dutch photographer waiting for ME. I sat down and let them poke, prod and transform, then got up and stood in-front of the camera, bad idea. I’ve always loved a camera, since my wee years i’ve posed and pruned like a pro, I starred in many toddler fashion shows, even peed on the catwalk like a rockstar. I had this, i was going to destroy this. No? I was stiff as a board, had no idea what i was doing or how to move, eventually i got into a flow(not that kind) but all in all it was a real dive in the deep end. Every test shoot i did after was a new flavor to try, i worked with awesome artists and each showed me a side of myself i didn’t know existed. They were also some of the coolest people i’ve ever met.

It’s still early days yet and i’m a displaced model who right now has an agency in New York but is sitting in the salty Caribbean. Soon however i’ll be stomping the London limestone in search of new flavors. I hope. Wish me luck!

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