Hey Stella

  Hey Stellaaaaaaa!…We all know that roar from a whiskey soaked Marlon Brando. I always wondered if in that moment, he was thinking of the woman who taught him everything he knew, who cultivated the raw talent within the young squire, the true namesake of the moment; Stella Adler. She was my teacher as well, […]

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Sweet Caroni

  I’m from the Caribbean, i hinted at that fact sporadically throughout my previous posts, but now it’s time to reveal one glorious aspect of an island childhood in a bit more detail. I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago to be precise. I come from one of the oldest French families on the island […]

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A Grumpy Beginning

“The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.”  This picture is of Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea, it’s funny how ironic serendipity can be; because grumpiness was a definite composite of the relationship that began here. An indication that the “grand scheme of things” was tapping me […]

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A Warri-ah in Astoria

    “If I was bound for hell, let it be hell. No more false heavens. No more damned magic. You hate me and I hate you. We’ll see who hates best. But first, first I will destroy your hatred. Now. My hate is colder, stronger, and you’ll have no hate to warm yourself. You […]

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